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PJ Connect

PJ Connectâ„¢ allows Plastic Jungle to connect to your gift card processing platform to improve your consumer's experience in the secondary market. It is a core component in enabling PJ Payments on your site.

What is PJ Connect?

  • Balance Inquiry - Confirm valid card and fund balance
  • Balance Transfer - Lock out fraud by moving funds to a new card and ensure a positive consumer experience.
  • Reporting and Tracking - Provide ability to track and monitor secondary market sales growth and redemption.


  • Drive Revenue: Active redeemers deliver unique store visits, sales and lift.
  • Improve Gift Card Program ROI: Redemption revenue is far more profitable than breakage income.
  • Reduce Fraud: Lock out fraud by moving funds to a new gift card and ensure a positive experience when the customer shops with you.
  • Track and Monitor: Track the sales growth and redemption of secondary market gift cards.
  • Simple integration at no cost to retailer.
  • Plastic Jungle guarantees each transaction.
  • Provides the necessary platform for PJ Payments on your site.

For more information, contact our Business Development team. Email Loren Scott at Loren@plasticjungle.net.